Newtown teens charged with burglary of Chalk Hill, criminal mischief

MONROE, CT — Police investigating a complaint of damage and missing IT equipment at the Chalk Hill building arrested seven teenagers, who allegedly entered the former school at 375 Fan Hill Road over the course of several nights.

On Tuesday, police received a complaint from Monroe IT about an overnight power failure and service interruption in the building.

Police said about $850 of IT equipment was missing and an estimated $9,615 worth of damage was done to the building, including damage to a concrete wall and fire door.

Surveillance camera footage showed a pattern, with a group of people coming into the rear of the building, through a garage bay door, at a certain time over the past several days, according to the report. Based on this evidence, officers were posted in the building at that time.

On Tuesday night, at approximately 10:50 p.m., police said a group entered the bay. Then a male among them entered the interior of the building through a broken door “as if he had been there before.”

The officers inside the building notified others on duty and when they approached the teenagers, the youths ran outside where police were waiting, according to the report.

All of them were charged with third-degree burglary, second-degree criminal trespass and second-degree criminal mischief. They were released on a promise to appear in court on Aug. 26.

Among those charged were a 19 year old male, two 18-year-old females and two 18-year-old males from Newtown. There was also a male juvenile from Seymour and a female juvenile from Newtown. The juveniles have Juvenile Court dates.

Vehicle theft

A Stable Ridge Road man reported his Lincoln MKX stolen on Wednesday. Police said the vehicle was unlocked with the keys inside when it was taken sometime overnight.

A fraudulent account

A Monroe man told police he received a text from Discover about a new account he opened. But he never opened the account.

He immediately called Discover and verified an account was opened in his name. Police said he closed the account and did not suffer a financial loss.

The victim had already reported the incident to the three major credit bureaus and police advised him to monitor his credit card and banking.


  1. The 18 and 19 year olds from Newtown arrested may have attended elementary school at the Chalk Hill building and were familiar with the layout and doors.

  2. Thus was a group of teens where were their parents??? I’m sure they were home at least some of them. This is alarming that none of their parents realized they were not home and out be criminals. I’ve lived I’m Monroe must of my life and the recent changes in crime by out of towner’s has spiked tremendously. I live on Monroe tnpk and my neighbors are constantly getting recorded videos young guys in groups checking neighbors cars to see if their locked one wasn’t recently and the robbed it and did extensive damaged to the vehicle. I have a retired police officer as a neighbor and he is watching and if he catches them he’ll let his retired police dog out to get involved for trespassing. I’m asking Monroe residence secure your property and lock your vehicles Thiers been a rash of break-ins and stolen vehicles. I give hats🎩 off to the police officers involved in this sting operation to catch the teens responsible. I hope their prosecuted to the full extent of the law and or have severe consequences for their actions. Thier parent need to realize this was a serious matter and the outcome could of been much different for trespassing and breaking and entering and stealing.

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