Monroe schools will go back to hybrid learning

MONROE, CT — Students will go back to hybrid learning, a mix of in-school and remote learning, for the next two weeks with the hope of bringing elementary school children back to full in-school learning by Jan. 25.

Superintendent of Schools Joseph Kobza said educators are looking for ways to increase in-school learning among middle and high school students.

“We’re trying to find safe, creative ways to get more kids in at the middle and high school without going full in,” Kobza said Friday.

The decision was made by the district’s health team, which has been assessing the situation throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The team consists of the school medical advisor Dr. Nimrod Dayan, Monroe Health Director Nancy Brault, School Nurse Advisor Jo-Ann Perigyi, Town Nurse Heather Henning, Assistant Superintendent of Schools Jack Ceccolini and Kobza.

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