Monroe school board recognizes retirees, welcomes new staffers

Eight of Monroe Public Schools' 19 retirees pose for a group picture with Board of Education Chairman David Ferris and Superintendent Joseph Kobza.

MONROE, CT — Superintendent of Schools Joseph Kobza and the Board of Education recognized staff members who are retiring from the school district this year and announced the hiring of 10 new ones during Monday’s board meeting.

“We have 19 retirees this year that have dedicated 441 years of service to Monroe Public Schools, so it’s really a testament to their careers in this district,” Kobza said before introducing those who were present that night.

Kobza said he and Assistant Superintendent Sheila Casinelli recently interviewed a teaching candidate, who asked them what it is about Monroe that makes people talk about it so much. He said Monroe is a special place, where teachers tend to stay for long careers.

The retirees in attendance came up to the front of the room at the Masuk media center to receive plates from the school board, before posing for photos with Kobza and Board of Education Chairman David Ferris.

This year’s retirees include:

Monica R. Brooks, SPED teacher, Fawn Hollow – 2002-2023, 21 years

Laura Chadwick, teacher, Jockey Hollow – 1996-2023, 27 years

Peggyann R. Diaz, tech ed teacher, Masuk – 2003-2023, 20 years

Diane DiCamillo, paraeducator, Masuk – 2001-2023, 22 years

Sheila Diener-Elser, speech teacher, Jockey Hollow – 1997-2023, 26 years

Kathleen Ducharme, librarian, Masuk/STEM – 2001-2023, 22 years

Karen Fontneau, SPED teacher, Fawn Hollow – 2003-2023, 20 years

Diane Garwacki, paraeducator, Jockey Hollow – 1998-2023, 25 years

Kevin Ironside, head custodian, Fawn Hollow – 1996-2023, 27 years

Lisa Klein, paraeducator, Fawn Hollow – 2007-2023, 16 years

Beverly Kovachik, reading teacher, Monroe Elementary – 2005-2023, 18 years

Lori Ostroff, SPED teacher, Monroe Elementary – 1996-2023, 27 years

Dawn Parmalee, teacher, Stepney Elementary – 2003-2023, 20 years

Evelyn Ramos, paraeducator, Jockey Hollow – 1994-2023, 29 years

Lisa Roman, teacher, Jockey Hollow – 1997-2023, 26 years

Anne Ryan, SPED teacher, Stepney Elementary – 2007-2023, 16 years

Peter A. Schmitt, science teacher, Masuk – 1989-2023, 34 years

Christine Schwartz, paraeducator, Fawn Hollow – 2001-2023, 22 years

Karen Smith, paraeducator, Fawn Hollow – 2000-2023, 23 years

The district welcomes new staff members:

Amy Bien, culinary arts, Masuk High School

Ashley Lopez, TESOL, districtwide

Christina Marren, special education teacher, Monroe Elementary

Alison Partridge, kindergarten teacher, Fawn Hollow Elementary

Pamela Pascarella, part-time physical education teacher, Fawn Hollow Elementary

Joseph Philbrick, grade 7 social studies teacher, Jockey Hollow

Jessica Trombetta, kindergarten teacher, Stepney Elementary

Elizabeth Ulreich-Moran, speech language pathologist, Jockey Hollow

Madison Ventresca, grade 4 teacher, Stepney Elementary

Rachel Wiberg, pre-k speech language pathologist, Monroe Elementary

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