Monroe public schools project a $372,000 budget surplus for 2019-20

MONROE, CT — Monroe public schools has nearly closed out its 2019-20 budget, and it appears the district will end up with a $372,000 surplus, according to Finance Director Ronald Bunovsky.

During a meeting last week, Board of Finance members discussed whether to establish a fund for unknown expenses schools will have due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year — and one suggested using a portion of the money to fund things cut out of the budget adopted for this year.

Steve Kirsch, a board member, asked Acting Superintendent of Schools Joseph Kobza if he may come forward with a request for some of the money.

“I think a lot of it might get sucked up by our COVID costs,” Kobza said of the surplus.

“A lot of things on that list were legitimate needs, Kirsch said of the budget cuts. “COVID is an expense we’ll have to pay for one way or another. But there might be things on that list that are educationally sound that we can buy at the beginning of the year. I personally would be willing to entertain a request for the Board of Education to present a list of items from the cut list.”

“I think it’s a little early to say spend it on this or that thing, because we don’t know how the year will be,” Chairman Michael Manjos said. “Until we get some guidance or a track record … I don’t feel we have enough information to make any decisions at this point.”

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