Monroe public schools celebrates its 13 retirees

Monroe public schools had 13 retirees this year. Video screenshot

MONROE, CT — Board of Education members celebrated this year’s class of 13 retirees, who served Monroe’s public schools in positions ranging from custodians, security guards and nurses to secretaries, teachers and administrators. Together, their careers totaled over 300 years.

“We do thank you for your years of service,” Chairwoman Donna Lane said at Monday’s board meeting. “We are eternally grateful to each of you for what you’ve done for our school system. We’re sorry to see you go and wish you well in the next chapter of your journey, wherever that leads you.”

Though the covid-19 pandemic canceled this year’s annual reception and awards ceremony, the Board of Education recognized the retirees Monday, shared well wishes and watched a celebratory video.

“We would like to invite you back in the fall and do something to recognize you at a board meeting,” Lane said.

If it is possible, the district hopes to honor its 2020 retirees at The Waterview in June of 2021.

“It’s amazing when you look at how many areas of the schools these folks played such an integral role in,” said Acting Superintendent of Schools Joseph Kobza. “We’re definitely going to miss them.”

Kobza also expressed his hope everyone can come together to celebrate the retirees in person “like they deserve.”

“This is a little something from us for now,” he said. “Congratulations, I hope all of you have a wonderful retirement.”

“So many of you have touched my own kids and the kids of our district,” Shannon Monaco, a board member, said of the impact the retirees had over the course of their careers. “Congratulations, I hope you enjoy your retirement.”

“Thank you and good luck,” board member David Ferris added.

This year’s retirees include:

Cindy Brooker, systemwide K-5 math coordinator, 1996-2020, 24 years

Lillian Cicvara, Masuk High School teacher, 1998-2020, 22 years

Gaetan Genest, Masuk custodian, 1992-2019, 28 years

Marianne Gentile, Stepney Elementary School teacher, 1984-2020, 36 years

Jennifer Heitzke, Stepney Elementary School teacher, 1988-2020, 32 years

Jeanne Herring, Fawn Hollow Elementary School teacher, 1992-2020, 28 years

Joanne Higgins, Jockey Hollow Middle School teacher, 2001-2020, 19 years

Rebecca Kosisko, Fawn Hollow principal, 1992-2020, 28 years

Doris Lacayo, Masuk teacher, 1998-2020, 22 years

Nancy Mazzuoccolo, Central Office, administrative assistant, 1995-2020, 25.5 years

Kay Moser, systemwide, director of student support services, 1989-2020, 30.5 years

Jo-Ann Perigyi, Stepney Elementary, nurse, 2007-2020, 13 years

Steve Speanburg, systemwide, director of food service, 1985-1991, 6 years; Masuk security, 1999-2020, 21 years.

Learn a little about each one in this video created by Sheila Cascinelli, director of instruction, and Jennifer Parsell, assistant director of student support services:

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