Monroe political parties condemn Capitol siege

MONROE, CT — The country is still reeling from the siege on the Capitol building in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6, during a protest against the outcome of the Presidential Election, which the angry crowd believes was stolen. Five people died and more than 50 were injured in the aftermath.

The Monroe Republican and Monroe Democratic town committees released statements condemning the violence.

Monroe Republican Town Committee:

While the Monroe Republican Town Committee supports the rights of all Americans to peaceful protest, we condemn violence. Both the attacks on our governmental institutions and the resulting injuries and loss of life are reprehensible.

We remain focused on the important work of our Monroe community, knowing that our citizens understand that the events that occurred at our Capitol have no association to local politics. 

Monroe Democratic Town Committee:

The Monroe Democratic Town Committee, in the strongest terms possible, condemns the violence that took place in our Nation’s Capitol Building last Wednesday. The insurrectionists that stormed the Capitol attempting to thwart the certification of the free and fair election of Joe Biden as President and Kamala Harris as Vice President was unwarranted, dangerous, and treasonous. Attempting to overthrow the government does not make one a patriot.

We sincerely hope that the Monroe Republican Town Committee and First Selectman Ken Kellogg would join us in denouncing the events that took place on January 6.

As a country, we must be better than this. We cannot allow anarchy to take hold of our grand experiment in democracy. The Biden-Harris administration will hopefully mend some of the wounds that have surfaced and been exposed over the last four years of lies and deceit.

Those elected officials, including the President himself, who supported these domestic terrorists should immediately resign so that our national healing can begin.


  1. Did they Condemn Antifa taking over Seattle for MONTHS doing Millions in damage or Colorado , Chicago ,New York Etc etc etc Did they Condemn BLM doing Millions of dollars f damage 🤔 That’s odd I didn’t hear them ! Phonies ! Trump didn’t tell protesters to do any damage Just got out of hand like most Protesters, there always some screwballs that ruin the cause 🤔

  2. It is interesting to see the Monroe Democrats come out with such a strong “law and order” statement concerning the events of January 6th. I know many of these people personally so I choose not to believe their statement was issued solely because it was politically expedient or advantageous to do so. Coincidently it does seem to conform with Dem statements made nationally by the same people who not only didn’t issue similar statements when Minneapolis, Kenosha or Portland were burning, or when innocent people like retired Police Capt David Dorn were killed trying to protect private property from these “peaceful protesters”, but who were also directly spurring on these protesters, often joining them in support of their rampaging and destruction. I also did not see any of them, Nationally or Locally come out in support of all the Republican statements condemning these protesters who were anything but peaceful. As a Republican, I am confident that our law enforcement apparatus will do everything in their power to pursue those responsible for their illegal actions in D.C.. I only wish we could be so united in pursuing all those who have taken advantage of the strange and twisted political environment in this country to wreck havoc where they could without fear of being held responsible. Thankfully at least in DC we have not yet “defunded” our law enforcement bodies and have the personnel to take action. The other cities, especially those mentioned previously, may not be so lucky.

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