Monroe police respond to a brawl on Harmony Lane

MONROE, CT — Three men and a male juvenile were charged for allegedly assaulting two teenagers on Harmony Lane on April 10.

A 17-year-old Shelton female told police she sat in the front seat of a gray 2013 Hyundai Elantra with her friend, a 19-year-old Norwalk man, sometime before 9 p.m. while they waited for a friend to come home, so they could go to a carnival in Trumbull together.

She said a group of males approached the vehicle and started beating on the windows, until one of them smashed the windshield. Then they allegedly pulled her out of the vehicle and dragged her down the road.

She told officers the males let her go when they realized she was a female and went after her friend, who had fled after his windshield was broken.

Right after they ran, she told police an old man came out of nowhere and hit her with what she thought was a crowbar.

Just then, her friends arrived to pick her up, police said.

When officers responded to the call about a fight, they stopped a gray 2015 Toyota Highlander with four juveniles that was leaving the scene and one of the passengers told officers she was struck on the hip with a crowbar by an adult male. She was not the 17-year-old Shelton female mentioned earlier in this report.

The passenger told officers more people were still on Harmony Lane and one was hurt. Officers found “multiple individuals” in the roadway, one was the 17-year-old Shelton female, who sustained a serious head injury, according to police.

EMS treated her and her friend from Norwalk for injuries.

The juveniles in the vehicle identified the man who hit her with a metal object as Peter Fox Sr., 53, of Grindstone Lane.

The juvenile who lived on Harmony Lane told police he returned home around 8:50 p.m. and saw Christian Fox, 18, in his driveway, threatening him. He also told officers he saw the damaged Hyundai in front of the house and the Norwalk man, who was injured, before Fox and a juvenile left the area in a pickup truck, police said.

Police said they spoke to the Harmony Lane male earlier in the day when he told them multiple people, including Peter Fox Sr., were at the house taking pictures of his car and yelling for him to come outside. He called the police and the group left before officers arrived, according to the report.

Officers questioned Fox and two of his adult sons at his home and all denied being involved in an altercation, police said. The officers took a picture of Peter Fox Sr. and sent it to officers on the scene at Harmony Lane and witnesses there all confirmed it was him, police said.

Peter Fox Sr., Peter Fox Jr., 23, and Christian Fox were charged with second-degree assault and second-degree breach of peace and released on $2,500 bond each for an April 19 court date.

The juvenile, a 16 year old Monroe male, was charged with second degree assault, second degree breach of peace and second degree criminal mischief for the broken windshield. There is no bond for juveniles and he was released for an April 17 court date.

The Sun’s Policy on Using Names in Police Reports

Before the internet, newspapers routinely published names in the police blotter. The arrestees would be embarrassed for a few days, before most people forgot about it. They served their penalty and could move on with their lives. The issue with the article was archived in a library and could become an issue again if someone researched it.

Since the internet, the arrestees’ names can be searched online and the article will always come up. Even if the arrest was long ago and they are leading better, more productive lives, the report always looms over them.

Because of this, The Sun only uses names of people in police reports for some of the more serious crimes and incidents: murder, brutal beatings, robberies, burglaries, car thefts, thefts of thousands of dollars or more, sexual assault, pedophilia and fatal crashes.

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