Monroe Police Reports: Identity thief transfers thousands from victim’s bank account

MONROE, CT — An identity thief transferred over $4,875 from a 59-year-old Monroe woman’s M&T Bank account to newly set up Credit One Bank and Capital One Mobile accounts. The victim discovered the fraud after logging into her online bill pay and noticing a negative balance, according to a police complaint filed on Wednesday.

She confirmed she had no accounts with either of the two banks and went to the M&T Bank at 401 Monroe Turnpike to speak to the manager about the fraudulent payments.

Police said the bank froze the victim’s account and provided a new one. She was advised to contact the fraud department for more information. At this time, police said the victim did not suffer any financial loss.

The victim told officers she recently requested a new American Express credit card for her other business. She was notified that a new card was ordered, because the old one was damaged. However, when she received a notification, it said the card was sent somewhere in Newark, N.J.

She canceled the card and will be sent a new one.

The woman was advised to contact the three major credit bureaus about the incident and to monitor her credit.

On Thursday, she contacted police with an update. The fraudulent transactions were associated with two females in Portland, Ore., whose names are unknown to her. Internet searches of the names and phone numbers came up with negative results, police said.

A Crypto scam

A 35-year-old Monroe woman fell vicim to a Crypto scam while talking to someone on Instagram, who she thought was a woman who is a success coach and investor with Crypto/Forex Alert/NW Marketing, according to a police complaint made on Oct. 3.

Police said the victim sent a direct message after seeing a mutual friend in the person’s profile. During the course of their conversation, the Monroe woman made two transactions through CashAPP, an application through Bitcoin.

One transaction was $100 and the other was $500. When the person asked her for more money, the victim refused.

The Monroe woman went to her local bank M&T in Monroe to dispute the transactions, because she felt she was being scammed, according to police, who did not know if she was refunded her money as of Friday.

The bank put a freeze on her accounts and issued her a new bank number. She was advised to monitor her credit and finances going forward and to alert the bank to any fraud.

The case is under investigation by the Monroe Police Detective Division.

Violation of a protective order

A 48-year-old Milford man turned himself in on a warrant for violation of the terms of a protective order Monday. He was released after posting 10 percent of his $1,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in court Tuesday.

The protective order restricts contact with a Monroe victim.

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