Monroe Police: Momentary glance at GPS leads to crash

MONROE, CT — A 21-year-old Trumbull woman told officers she glanced down at her GPS while driving north on Jackson Drive in her maroon Chevy Equinox Saturday evening, when she went through a stop sign and crashed into a tree in a yard on Cedar Lane, according to police.

Police said the driver was treated by Monroe Volunteer Emergency Medical Service personnel at the scene, but refused a ride to a hospital for further evaluation.

She received an infraction for failure to obey a stop sign and her vehicle, which sustained heavy front end damage, had to be towed.

Firefighters also responded to the emergency call, which came in just before 6 p.m.

Domestic disturbance and a warrant

A 32-year-old Turkey Roost Road man was charged following an altercation at his home around 9:42 p.m. on Saturday night.

Police said his girlfriend told officers they had an argument and she had to push him away, because he was acting in a “very aggressive manner toward her.”

Two roommates told police they heard the woman tell her boyfriend to get off of her and say that he had a copper pipe, though they did not see him with one.

The roommates said they saw him standing over the female victim, who was on her back, police said.

The boyfriend reportedly told officers that she struck him with a pipe, but police said there were no injuries or evidence to support that. Officers also did not see a metal pipe, according to the report.

Police said the boyfriend refused to give his name and date of birth to officers. But the other roommates gave them his real name and the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles’ photo was a match, police said.

Officers also learned there was a PRAWN (paperless re-arrest) warrant for his arrest for failure to appear in court for charges stemming from a case in Newtown.

He was charged with failure to appear in court in the second degree, along with the Monroe charges of disorderly conduct and interfering with an investigation.

He was held on $1,000 bond for the Monroe charges and $10,000 bond for the PRAWN warrant and taken to court in Bridgeport for arraignment on Monday.

Stolen laptop

A 25-year-old Crossbow Lane man told police his work laptop was stolen from his unlocked vehicle, when it was parked in his driveway, on March 13, according to a complaint made the next day.

Police have no leads at this time and the victim was advised to lock his doors and to avoid leaving valuables in plain sight.

The Sun’s Policy on Using Names in Police Reports

Before the internet, newspapers routinely published names in the police blotter. The arrestees would be embarrassed for a few days, before most people forgot about it. They served their penalty and could move on with their lives. The issue with the article was archived in a library and could become an issue again if someone researched it.

Since the internet, the arrestees’ names can be searched online and the article will always come up. Even if the arrest was long ago and they are leading better, more productive lives, the report always looms over them.

Because of this, The Sun only uses names of people in police reports for more serious crimes: murder, brutal beatings, robberies, burglaries, car thefts, sexual assault, pedophilia and fatal crashes.

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