Monroe Police: Georgia man caught with his pants down

MONROE, CT — A 38-year-old Georgia man was charged with public indecency and breach of peace after allegedly masturbating in his gray Honda Civic in the Big Y parking lot, 535 Monroe Turnpike, Sunday afternoon.

A store employee collecting carriages told police he saw the man, who appeared to be masturbating inside the car, and pointed out the vehicle when officers arrived around 4:33 p.m.

Officers approaching the Honda on foot noticed the engine running and saw the driver with his jeans open, watching pornographic videos on his cellphone while masturbating, according to police.

When officers asked him what he was doing, police said the driver became startled and dropped his cellphone onto the floor as the video continued to play.

He attempted to fix himself by leaning forward and pulling up on his pants, according to the report.

Officers asked if he was masturbating while watching pornography, but instead of answering them, police said the driver picked up his phone, locked the screen and said he had been traveling to Massachusetts when he decided to take a break.

Police said the vehicle was parked next to a carriage bay, which is usually frequented by customers at the shopping center, adding there was still daylight and it was very easy to see inside the vehicle.

The driver was released on $1,000 bond for an Aug. 21 court date.

Crash car, leave daughter

A 35-year-old Scholz Road man called police late Saturday night after a gray 2011 Honda Accord crashed into the stonewall on his property and the driver fled into the woods on foot. A woman was left behind, passed out in the passenger seat, according to the report.

Officers responding to the call around 10:28 p.m., woke up the passenger, spoke to her and watched video of the accident from the resident’s Ring camera.

Police said the inside of the vehicle had the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage. The woman told officers her father was driving and walked into the woods towards Downs Road after the accident.

Video shows the Honda Accord go down the driveway and slowly come to rest on a rock wall. A man wearing a black T-shirt gets out of the driver’s side door and walks across the yard and into the woods, police said.

Officers found the woman’s father, a Shelton man, walking in the 190-block of Cottage Street and brought him back to the scene of the accident.

He reportedly told officers he was coming from Route 34 and made a wrong turn on his way home.

The father and daughter declined medical treatment from Monroe Volunteer Emergency Medical Service personnel, according to police.

The driver was issued a misdemeanor summons for evading responsibility and released on a promise to appear in court on Aug. 28.

The Honda, which left two-foot-long scrapes along surface of the stonewall, was towed.

Fentanyl and cocaine

A 42-year-old Brookfield man was arrested on narcotics charges after officers found him sleeping inside a 2018 Subaru Cross Trek in the Clock Tower Square parking lot, 477 Main St., with the headlights off and the side door partially open, at 2:31 a.m. Saturday. The engine was not running, the report said.

Police said officers saw several needles and the ignition key on the passenger seat, along with an open folding knife of legal size. An officer woke up the driver, who admitted to being under the influence of drugs, police said.

Officers called EMS to evaluate the driver, but patted him down for weapons before they arrived.

Police said an officer felt a large bulge in the man’s right, front pants pocket, which turned out to be a plastic bag containing a golf ball-sized amount of white powder narcotics.

After EMS evaluated the driver he was arrested.

At headquarters, police said a second smaller bag containing white powder and a small brown bottle containing an unknown liquid were found on the driver, adding all drugs tested positive for the presence of fentanyl and cocaine.

The driver was charged with possession of a controlled substance and released after posting 10 percent of his $500 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 21.

‘Just saying hello’

A 59-year-old Oxford man was arrested for violation of a protective order Saturday morning, after allegedly trying to get his wife’s attention while seated in his car outside Hair Attraction, 627 Main St. He reportedly told officers he just wanted to say hello to his wife.

He was released after posting 10 percent of his $2,500 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 14.

Hacker targets Monroe man

A 90-year-old Monroe man told police his computer was hacked Saturday.

While researching a stock online, he received a pop up saying there was an issue with his computer that needed to be repaired. The message included a telephone number, which he called.

Police said he was soon transferred to a different number. A man identifying himself as a tech support representative instructed him to allow access to his computer.

After an unknown application was downloaded, the Monroe man became wary when the representative started asking questions about his banking information. Police said the victim hung up the phone and unplugged his computer.

He did not provide any identifying or financial information, police said, adding he was advised to monitor his credit for unusual activity and to have his computer professionally looked at to determine if any malware or programs were downloaded.

A stolen gold coin

A 62-year-old Hammertown Road woman reported her $2,000 gold coin stolen Monday.

Police said it was a U.S. coin with an eagle on it that was kept in a box. The victim told officers she last saw it on Aug. 7 and that it was no longer in the box on Aug. 10.

The only time other people were inside her home during that time was when she hired a cleaning company, police said, adding the incident is under investigation.

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