Monroe not enough to lift Stevenson as Himes wins reelection

U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, D-Connecticut

MONROE, CT — If Monroe voters decided the election for Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District, the former first selectman from Darien, Republican, Jayme Stevenson, would have pulled off a stunning upset of longtime incumbent, Democrat, Jim Himes, by a vote of 4,602 to 3,782.

But when all of the votes in the district were tallied Himes came out on top with 58.9 percent of the vote, winning reelection 135,564 to 94,610.

“I’m honored and grateful to the people of Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District for asking me to represent them for another two years, and I’m excited to continue working every day to bring results back home,” Himes said.

Stevenson released the following statement Wednesday morning:

Jayme Stevenson

The voters have spoken here in the 4th CD and I congratulate Jim Himes on a successful re-election.

I’m deeply grateful to my family and everyone who invested time, energy and funding in my campaign and to my talented, passionate team who believed deeply in our mission. We may not have won this race but our winning comes from the incredible people we’ve met and the thoughts, ideas and stories we’ve shared. I’ve listened. I see you.

For any successful candidate, winning comes with great responsibility not only to those who voted for you but also to those who didn’t. The best leaders reflect on what isn’t working for the voters they lost and try to do better. Democracy isn’t simply about serving the winning majority…it’s about re-balancing after the election so that everyone benefits from the decisions and outcomes of those who have earned the privilege to lead.

Our nation remains more divided than ever. I’m calling on our newly elected/re-elected leaders to bridge the political divide to help heal our nation. We need you to make America safer and more affordable; to partner with parents to ensure our children get the education they deserve; to make legal immigration a priority; to

protect our environment while accepting that energy must remain affordable for families and businesses and to recognize that a strong Democracy requires a free and unbiased media, valuing different perspectives and showing up for everyone you serve.

Jayme Stevenson


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