Monroe may welcome Chipotle, Jersey Mike’s

Plans for a 5,320-square-foot-building at 375 Spring Hill Road show Chipotle, Jersey Mike's and space for a third tenant.

MONROE, CT — Chipotle and Jersey Mike’s may be coming to Monroe. While speaking at the Fairfield County Commercial Brokers Network’s luncheon at Stone Barn Monday, First Selectman Ken Kellogg mentioned plans for the two popular eateries to move into a building proposed near the corner of Purdy Hill Road and Monroe Turnpike.

“We look forward to welcoming Jersey Mike’s and Chipotle to Monroe,” Kellogg said from the podium.

The Architectural Review Board will review plans for a 5,320-square-foot building at its meeting Tuesday, at 7 p.m. Though the address is 375 Spring Hill Road, Town Planner Rick Schultz said access to the property, across the street from Walgreens pharmacy and Goodwill, would be from Purdy Hill Road.

He said the assessor would have to propose a change to a Purdy Hill Road address, then the Planning and Zoning Commission would decide on it.

Architectural plans for a 5,320 square foot building at Monroe Town Hall show Chipotle and Jersey Mike’s as tenants.

On Thursday, the Planning and Zoning Commission will accept the site plan application and set a hearing date.

“There are no wetlands on the property — a soil scientist confirmed,” Schultz said of the applicant’s expert.

The ARB application was filed by BL Companies, which is based in Meriden, on behalf of Monroe Turnpike Realty Associates, LLC.

According to plans at Monroe Town Hall, the building would have room for three tenants. Chipotle and Jersey Mike’s are shown on the architectural rendering and a third tenant has yet to be determined.

The property consists of over two acres of vacant land. Schultz said the remains of a foundation are on the site.


  1. Too much traffic. How do u propose to remedy the problem??? I live on Purdy hill road and the traffic is too much now with Walgreens, Post office and goodwill !!! Do u squeezing everything together????

  2. A good thing for Monroe to have more food options. Yes Monroe has some things already, someone mentioned Subway (frozen, disgusting), A&S (good, but expensive), Home Plate Deli (Cash only & expensive) … as time goes on things will advance, and yes that means more traffic. There’s more emergent items in life than cars on a road.

  3. Two of my favorites! Definitely a welcomed addition to Monroe, the area needs these two popular options!

  4. Towns like Monroe and Shelton keep making their one main avenue so jammed packed. So many nice woods gone for cookie cutter restaurants and high rent apartments. I mean Shelton literally is getting investigated by the FBI left and right for illegal pay offs to building inspectors and call themselves a “city” theres no room!

  5. What these businesses also do is provide potential tax relief for homeowners. For decades residents have been decrying the disproportion of property taxes paid by the homeowner because of the lack of commercial business taxes to the grand list. (Trumbull is very good at adding businesses and putting them at the Monroe town line.) Hopefully this will slow the yearly increase in property taxes here. (Yes, time will tell!) Until then, you can’t have it both ways, complain about resident property tax and also more businesses.

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