Monroe Lions D10 cheerleaders finish 3rd in the nation

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Monroe Lions D10 cheerleaders traveled to the 2023 American Youth Cheer (AYC) National Cheerleading Competition at Silver Spurs Arena earlier this month and performed their routine so well, they came away with a third place finish.

Among the highlights, the girls’ stellar performance on Dec. 9 was marked by zero deductions and a score exceeding 90, which catapulted them into the elite ranks. The Lions secured a spot among the top five teams for the Super Sunday showdown.

“Witnessing the tremendous effort these girls put in throughout the year, overcoming hurdles and maintaining focus to compete for the National Title, has been truly inspiring,” said Coach Audra Santos.

“I take great joy in being a part of the Monroe Lions cheerleading organization and cherished the experience of coaching alongside Head Coach Gianna DeCaro and Assistant Coach Stephanie Ramalhete,” she added.

The Lions faced 19 opponents on Sunday, Dec. 10, before emerging in the top three.

“Witnessing the tremendous effort these girls put in Super Sunday, the pinnacle of the AYC Nationals, is a nerve-wracking day for all participants,” Santos said. “The goal is not just to compete, but to clinch a spot among the top three teams, earning the coveted National Title and a gleaming trophy. The Monroe Lions D10 squad achieved this remarkable feat, seizing third place in the nation.”

Santos, who coached and competed in three national title competitions, spoke of the growth and resilience of the girls.

“As the girls have matured on our team, we’ve developed strong bonds,” she said, “and I’m committed to their success and supporting them, whether on the cheerleading mat or in other aspects of life. I hope all the coaches have played a role in their development, and they’ll carry with them the lessons and memories we’ve created.”

“Let’s also recognize the fantastic parents who play a crucial role in this journey,” Santos added.

The Monroe Lions D10 cheerleading team’s success not only highlights their athletic prowess, but also the unwavering dedication of the coaches and the tight-knit community that supports them, according to Santos.

“This achievement will undoubtedly inspire aspiring cheerleaders in Monroe and beyond, setting a high standard for excellence in cheerleading,” she said.

Santos praised the girls for their discipline, hard work, determination, teamwork and indomitable spirit.

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