Monroe election results on hold, two districts to be recounted Wednesday

First Selectman Ken Kellogg, second from right, greets voters at the polls outside Monroe Elementary School Tuesday with fellow Republicans, from left, Board of Finance candidate George Beno, Town Council candidate Dona-Lyn Wales and State Rep. Tony Scott, R-112th.

MONROE, CT — First Selectman Ken Kellogg, who ran unopposed, and fellow Republicans appear to have swept to victories across the board in every race during Tuesday’s municipal election. However, machine counts and the number of ballots in two districts were off, requiring a recount on Wednesday morning.

Districts 1 and 2, which are Fawn Hollow and Stepney elementary schools, will have recounts.

“We just have to reconcile the ballots that went into the machines with the results,” said Gary E. Zenobia, the deputy Democratic registrar.

Zenobia said recounts will be done first thing Wednesday morning, as soon as they can get into the schools.

“We’re not going to have official, final results until tomorrow morning,” Kellogg said. “However, it appears the Republicans have swept every board and commission. I’m grateful that the Monroe voters continue to show confidence in me and the Republican team.”

The unopposed candidates will all win reelection, including Kellogg and Republicans Town Clerk Vida Stone, Town Treasurer Patrick O’Hara, Tax Collector Deborah Heim and constables Pat Tomchik (D) and Jim Weinberg (R).

All three candidates running as Planning and Zoning Commission alternates will have seats, including Democrat Domenic Paniccia (D), Nicole Lupo (R) and Dominic Smeraglino (R).

If Tuesday night’s preliminary results hold:

Longtime Town Council member Dee Dee Martin (D), left, appears to have won another term. Chrissy Fensore Martinez, who ran for the Board of Education might not have made it.

Town Council winners would include Republican incumbents Enid Lipeles, Terry Rooney, Sean O’Rourke, Jonathan Formichella, Dona-Lyn Wales and Kevin Reid; and incumbent Democrats Jason Maur and Dee Dee Martin, as well as Jessica Katuska (D), who ran for a first term.

Board of Finance incumbent chairman Michael Manjos (R) and Mary Hall (D) would both win four-year-seats and Greg Beno (R) would beat out Democrat Samantha Spino to finish a two-year-term on the board.

The Board of Education winners would include Republican incumbents Jeffrey Fulchino and Christine Cascella, and fellow Republicans Dennis Condon and Justin Orlando, and incumbent Democrat Jerry Stevens. Candidates not winning seats would be Democrats Theresa Oleyar and Chrissy Fensore Martinez.

Planning and Zoning Commission winners would be Republican incumbents Robert Westlund and current chairman Michael O’Reilly, with Democrat B.J. Hall the odd man out.

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