Masuk’s B+ Club raises money childhood cancer awareness

MONROE, CT — Masuk B+ Club members set up their booth outside of Terra Cafe on a cold Saturday in November. Over the next two days, they collected over $500 worth of donations for families of children with cancer and for cancer research, as well spreading awareness for the cause throughout the town.

Andrew McDonough

The B+ Foundation was started by the family of Andrew McDonough, a 14-year-old student-athlete from Wilmington, Del., who lost his life to undetected leukemia in 2007. McDonough’s blood type happened to be B+. His family decided that was the right message to spread in his legacy, to be positive.

The B+ Foundation is the No. 1 supporter of childhood cancer research. Masuk has just one of many chapters around the country.  The organization raises money for the families of children with cancer, as well as donating funds towards cancer research as well.

So far, the students have held four restaurant fundraiser nights as well as various pop-up fundraisers at local businesses around Monroe.

“I enjoy planning fundraisers and spreading the word about this great cause,” says Melanie Antony, club president. “I’m excited to hold new events for the organization.”

Follow the Masuk B+ Club on Instagram. Donations can be made through Venmo to @bepositivefnd (search Masuk HS in the description).

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