Masuk seniors compete in first Bethel Senior Invitational

Pictured are, front: Francis Fahey, Mason Hope and Ari Schultz; and back: Lily Catullo, Sofia Nwosu, Ella Bunovsky, Caroline Wittenauer, Coach Sarah Barrett, Kathryn Wittenauer, Athena Gruner and Stephanie Willumsen.

BETHEL, CT — The Masuk indoor track seniors got to shine at an invitational dedicated to them and their accomplishments at the first Bethel Senior Invitational on Monday. With medals on the line and for some, just one last chance to compete in their events, Masuk’s athletes brought their A game.

These seniors have had quite the indoor track career, this being the first season since their freshman year without any health and safety measures affecting their ability to practice and compete. All seniors had outstanding performances with several of Masuk’s own winning awards.

Pictured are seniors: Athena Gruner (captain), Ella Bunovsky (captain), Kathryn Wittenauer (captain), Caroline Wittenauer (captain), Anya Rescsanski, Lily Catullo and Sofia Nwosu.

“The team will miss these seniors next year, but we are so excited for their future accomplishments,” Coach Sarah Barrett said. “They have all made such a lasting impact on this team, the program, their teammates, and me as a coach that will be with us always.”

Stephanie Willumsen took first place in the Pole Vault with a winning jump of 7-6. Willumsen also took 4th place in 55m Hurdles.

Kathryn Wittenauer took 3rd place in Pole Vault with a 6-6″, 7th place in long jump, and 5th place in 55m Hurdles.

Caroline Wittenauer placed 2nd in High Jump jumping 4-10 for the second time this season. She also placed 7th in 55m Hurdles, and 8th in the long jump.

Athena Gruner placed 8th in the 300m dash and 10th in the 55m dash.

Sofia Nwosu placed 6th in the 300m dash and 7th in the 55m dash.

Lily Catullo placed 11th in the 55m dash and 12th in the 300m dash.

Ella Bunovsky placed 9th in Long Jump and 10th in the 300m dash.

Anya Rescsanski placed 10th in the shot-put.

Francis Fahey took 3rd place overall in the 1600m run and 7th in the 55m Hurdles.

Mason Hope placed 4th in the 55m hurdles and 8th in Long Jump.

Ari Schultz placed 6th in the 55m hurdles and 11th in the Long Jump.

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