Masuk Panther hit opponents on the field, cracked the books off it

Lukas Shamas takes a handoff for the Masuk Panthers during a football game last season.

MONROE, CT — Lukas Shamas studied hard in class, while competing for the Masuk Panthers football team in the fall — and he didn’t just get by. He excelled enough to earn the Scholar Athlete Award from the National Football Foundation’s Fairfield County DeSantis/McDougall Chapter.

Lukas Shamas, a Masuk senior, excelled on the football field and in the classroom, earning the Scholar Athlete Award from the National Football Foundation.

This honor goes to the player with the highest grade point average on his team. Aside from receiving a plaque, Shamas’s name will go into the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, along with 37 other students from Fairfield County high schools.

“It is an honor to receive this prestigious award,” Shamas said. “It will always remind me of how hard I worked on and off the field. I thank the teachers and coaches that have pushed me to excel past my limitations.”

Shamas will attend Fairfield University in the fall, where he plans to major in accounting.

His parents are Jeffrey and Jessica Shamas.

“We are very proud of all of the achievements Lukas has made,” Jeffrey said. “This is a special honor acknowledging his hard work and dedication that yielded positive personal results.”

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  1. The article regarding Lukas Shamas was wonderful to read . Obviously he worked hard to get the award; not only in football but keeping up school grades. This should be in every paper so other children see what it takes.
    Great job on the article

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