Masuk girls’ swim and dive opens season with a home win over Stratford

Masuk's Eva Helmke competes in the backstroke in a home meet against Stratford High School.

MONROE, CT — Masuk High’s girls’ swimming and diving team defeated visiting Stratford High 97-84 in the season opener on Sept. 10. Masuk’s results are as follows:

200 yard medley relay

1st place Eva Helmke, Melody Sicherman, Emily Hull, Yara Shaik

3rd place Victoria Pallas, Phuong Tran, Juliette Eaton, Christina Bajorinas

4th place Ruthika Giduthuri, Duha Barkana, Abigail Kirberger, Alexandra Rodrigues

200 free

1st place Keara Kirberger

3rd place Hull

4th place Emily Teixeira

200 IM

1st place A. Kirberger

3rd place Shaik

5th place Eaton

50 free

Heat 1  

1st place Helmke

4th place Bajorinas

5th place Teixeira

Heat 2 (exhibition) 

1st place Rodrigues

2nd place Barkana

3rd place Victoria Gloria

Heat 3 (exhibition) 

1st place Jocelyn Gifford

2nd place Anisha Gera

3rd place Alyssa Schneider

4th place Safa Memon


1st place – Kate Wittenauer 208.50 points

2nd place – Carrie Wittenauer 175.05 points

3rd place – Carly Jordan 171.10 points

4th place – Siobhan Riordan 119.75

100 butterfly

1st place Shaik

3rd place Eaton

6th place Hull

100 free

Heat 1 

2nd place Pallas

5th place Sicherman

6th place Bajorinas

Heat 2 (exhibition) 

1st place Tran

2nd place Rodrigues

3rd place Valle

4th place Gloria

5th place Barkana

6th place Gifford

500 free

1st place A. Kirberger

4th place K. Kirberger

200 free relay
Masuk’s Keara Kirberger competes in the relay in a meet against Stratford High School.

3rd place Barkana, Bajorinas, Gloria, K. Kirberger

4th place Gera, Gifford, Schneider, Tran

100 backstroke

1st place Helmke

3rd place Pallas

5th place Giduthuri

100 breaststroke

2nd place Sicherman

3rd place Tran

4th place Claire Valle

400 free relay

1st place K. Kirberger, Pallas, Hull, Helmke

3rd place Eaton, Sicherman, Teixeira, Shaik

4th place Rodrigues, Giduthuri, Gera, A. Kirberger

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