Masuk club promotes positivity with gift wrapping fundraiser


Masuk B+ club members set up their gift-wrapping supplies inside the Masuk cafeteria on Friday, Dec. 15. Over the next five hours, they collected donations for families of children with cancer and cancer research, while spreading awareness for the cause throughout the town.

“We figured that people would appreciate having their holiday gift wrapping done for them during this busy time, and they would feel good about donating to charity at the same time,” said Vibhuti Jani, club president.

Members attended gift-wrapping “practice” sessions prior to the event, making sure to perfect their parcel packaging abilities for Masuk Staff and Monroe locals.

The club reportedly had been thinking of hosting a gift-wrapping drive for some time, and as nearly a third (33 percent) of all charitable donations in the year happen during December, the B+ Club jumped at the opportunity to get the entire community involved.

“We host one to two events per month,” Jani said. “This year we have hosted fundraisers outside local businesses such as Subway. We fundraised at the football games and we had a stand at the farmer’s market in Monroe.”

The B+ Club at Masuk is part of a larger national organization named the Andrew McDonough B+ Organization, founded for a 14-year-old athlete, “A” student, and cancer patient named Andrew McDonough from Delaware.

Throughout his treatment, he was known for his positive attitude and his tendency to make everyone around him smile. His blood type was B+, which turned into a motto for his family throughout his life and beyond.

His message lives on through the B+ Foundation, which raises money to provide direct grants to families that have been affected by childhood cancer.

Last school year, the Masuk club raised and sent a check of over $1,500 to the foundation, funding research and benefitting families of children with cancer in need.

The B+ Club has been a part of the Monroe and Masuk communities for many years now. Students have helped unite the community through their ongoing project of selling cancer charm bracelets at school and fundraisers.

All students are encouraged to join, and currently, the club has over 35 members. It gives Masuk students an opportunity to earn community service hours, while supporting a worthy cause.

“Being a part of B+ helps the kids realize a sense of worth and helps them realize the importance of helping others, not only in Monroe, but throughout the whole country,” said Laura Hart, a Masuk teacher and B+ advisor.

The gift-wrapping drive was just one of many charitable events the Masuk B+ Club hosts throughout the year. The drive fulfilled its purpose of collecting money for its charity, and spreading positivity through holiday cheer around Monroe.

The B+ Club hopes to continue this tradition for years to come.

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