Letters: Support for incumbent town treasurer Patrick O’Hara

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To the Editor:

I’m writing to enthusiastically support Patrick O’Hara for town treasurer.

I have known Patrick for 27 years as a businessman and a very energetic volunteer for the town of Monroe. I have not met anyone more determined to make sure the town gets the most return on its money.

Patrick earned the town almost one million dollars last year in his brief tenure as Treasurer, one can only imagine what he will do in a full term.

Patrick argues persuasively on every expense facing the town. I experienced this first hand while serving on town council, as chairman of the EMS Commission and as chairman of the Board of Health. I can personally attest to his tenacity — he truly believes as a long time resident and successful town businessman that each dollar the town spends comes directly from his and town residents pockets, and he protects it as such.

It is important for the Town Treasurer to have the breadth of knowledge and experience Patrick has. He has enthusiastically served in many capacities for the town e.g. Board of Education, Town Council, Board of Finance, and Planning and Zoning Commission. Actions and experience count.

Good ideas can come from anybody BUT appropriate experience and knowing what the job requires is critical.

I wholeheartedly support Patrick O’Hara as treasurer for the Town of Monroe.


Dennis Condon

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