Letters: Sredzinski, Kellogg urge voters to support the GOP’s slate

To the Editor:

This letter serves as a strong endorsement for the Republican ticket of municipal candidates in the November 5, 2019 election. From Planning & Zoning to the Board of Education, we have many terrific candidates — some seasoned incumbents and some brand new to elected service — each one dedicated to improving the town we love.

Since most of the Republicans are running unopposed, I want to focus my letter on those offices the Town of Monroe will be deciding on at the ballot.

Patrick O’Hara was appointed Treasurer earlier this year and has truly demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the job. He surpassed the investment budget number by 178 percent in fiscal year 2019 — earning taxpayers $905,000 in investment income. Part of this success was taking a hard line with financial institutions on interest rates paid on town investments and moving taxpayer funds to banks paying our residents the best interest rates.

In the first quarter of fiscal year 2020, investment income has hit $261,737, which is over 52 percent of the year’s budget target! For this reason, along with the long tenured service of Mr. O’Hara on the Board of Education, Town Council, Planning & Zoning and Board of Finance — Patrick O’Hara deserves your vote for the position of Monroe Town Treasurer.

The slate of Republican Town Council members is again very strong. Chairman Frank Lieto, Vice Chair Enid Lipeles, Jonathan Formichella, Terry Rooney, Kevin Reid and Sean O’Rourke have all demonstrated a commitment to maintaining fiscal responsibility, investing in our roads and infrastructure and maintaining our quality of life here in Monroe.

They work hand-in-hand with First Selectman Ken Kellogg to keep our town running efficiently and effectively within our means. This group has the experience, leadership and results we need in our legislative council and I urge your support.

On November 5th, I encourage all voters in Monroe to get out to the polls and support First Selectman Ken Kellogg, Treasurer Patrick O’Hara and the Republican team on Row B to keep the progress of our town moving in the right direction. Remember, your vote is critical to the future of our town.

JP Sredzinski

State Representative, 112th House District


Republican slate will help Kellogg move Monroe forward 

I have the incredible honor to work as your First Selectman of Monroe. I’m extremely proud of our accomplishments over the last two years. Keeping taxes under control, expanding Town services, and continuing to improve our roads are just a few examples.  Furthermore, we have made great progress in growing our grand list, fueled by creating an environment that encourages investment and economic development in our town.

None of this is possible without the strength of an entire team. I am incredibly fortunate to have great people working together to help make my vision a reality. This team includes our town staff, volunteers, and our elected and appointed officials. 

On November 5th, I ask that you remember the strength of this team and cast your vote in support our Republican candidates.

Our Town Council candidates include Chairman Frank Lieto and Vice Chair Enid Lipeles, along with incumbent councilmembers Jonathan Formichella, Terry Rooney, Kevin Reid and Sean O’Rourke. These volunteer officials have dedicated significant time and energy, working hard for all families of Monroe. Ranging from reviewing every town contract I submit for their approval, to spending numerous hours pouring through detailed budget documents, these people are not only your neighbors, but leaders in our community who care deeply about our town.

Patrick O’Hara is our current Town Treasurer, and he has earned your vote. Pat’s wide-ranging experience as an elected official is impressive. He has served on the Board of Education, Town Council, Board of Finance, and the Planning & Zoning Commission, where he was Chairman. As your Treasurer, he immediately put his experience to work by ensuring the Town’s general fund accounts were earning favorable interest rates.

During the first quarter alone, the Town’s investments have earned over a quarter million dollars, which is more than half the target set by the Board of Finance for this fiscal year. 

Please remember to vote on Tuesday, November 5th. Your support of our Republican team, on Line B, will help me continue to move our town forward.

Ken Kellogg

First Selectman

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