Kellogg reports significant progress on Pepper St. project, eyes completion in the spring

MONROE, CT — First Selectman Ken Kellogg recently told the Town Council significant progress was made on the Pepper Street reconstruction project after a series of meetings between his office and the general contractor got it back on track.

“The general contractor indeed devoted substantial resources and completed all sections of the project within their control,” he said.

Work done up to this point includes roughly 90 percent of the road reconfiguration, the complete installation of new drainage in the roadway, and the laying of the first course of pavement, according to Kellogg.

Installation of the new box culvert at the Jockey Hollow intersection was scheduled to soon be completed, allowing the intersection to be returned to full width and

“Additionally, the multiuse off-road trail has been cleared and graded,” Kellogg said.

Some final work was expected to be finished in the spring, but the first selectman said two recent factors contributed to this being more significant than planned.

“Eversource Gas is actively working to relocate a final section of a gas line, which impacts a section of Pepper Street near Commerce Drive,” Kellogg said. “This work must be completed before our general contractor may finish the final grading in this one small, 500-foot section of the roadway. As many are aware, asphalt plants typically close in late fall.”

He also said the final course of pavement must set within a very narrow temperature range. “Rather than risk a compromised final course of pavement, the town has decided to defer this work to the spring,” he said.

The second factor is the traffic signal at Main Street cannot be installed until the span pole/traffic sensor has been received. The Connecticut Department of Transportation recently changed its specifications for this equipment which, coupled with supply chain challenges, has impacted delivery, Kellogg said.

“The entire project area will be paved, full-width, and line-striped this fall,” he said. “We are working to secure approval from the DOT for work to continue over the winter for various off-road activities, such as installation of the parapet walls on the culvert and some final off-road drainage work.”

“The project will be completed in the spring, including the final ‘punch list’ of anticipated deferred items such as sidewalk ramps, installation of guide-rail and fencing, curbs, driveway aprons, plantings, and completion of the trail,” Kellogg said.

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