Kapoor will fight for us in Hartford, taking on complacency and stagnation

Dear residents of the 112th,

As a lifelong resident of Monroe, I am writing to urge everyone to support Nick Kapoor as our Democratic candidate to fill the vacant 112th State Representative seat representing Monroe and Sandy Hook.

I met Nick when he offered to speak at a club I was organizing at Masuk High School, the Politics Club. As a newly created group with little more to do than discuss current events, we were ecstatic. His talent for teaching was immediately clear; he came prepared with printed infographics describing the structure of local government, something I have found useful as a college student.

There was excitement in his voice, even as he described the most mundane aspects of local politics. It was strange at first. But I soon realized his passion was not about simply seeing his name at the bottom of a resolution; he truly wanted to see his work benefit the people he and I have grown up with.

Nick showed us that the power of local government is not restricted to those with the right degree, those with money, or those of a particular orientation. I cannot speak for my classmates, but that is something I carry with me today as I try to live my life honestly, with integrity, and true to myself.

Nick will bring his energy to the stagnation and complacency in Hartford by fighting for us. If you are of age, request an absentee ballot or vote in person on April 13th. If you cannot vote, volunteers are always welcome. Please go to NickForCT.com to get involved.

Michael S. Hayes,

Monroe, CT

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