Kapoor opposes new taxes for Connecticut residents, unfunded mandates

To the Editor:

Once again, the Monroe Republican Town Committee has been disingenuous in an attempt to fan the flames of division in our town.

The State of Connecticut has more money in its rainy-day fund that ever before. From the non-partisan Office of Fiscal Analysis, there is an estimated $800M surplus in the current year’s budget, and another $2.6B in coronavirus relief coming from the federal government.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, Q4 2020 GDP growth was the highest in Connecticut out of all New England states. Are we out of the financial woods yet? No, but we have a good footing as we claw our way out of the pandemic because of the sensible Democratic leadership in our state.

Nick has consistently advocated for our local budget referendum in town. The people of Monroe should have the last say on the budget and what their taxes will be. Nick has defended that position by voting with four of his Republican colleagues on the Board of Education to put a full budget before the people for their vote. Nick has continually said he is against and will not vote for new taxes on Connecticut residents and will vote against all unfunded mandates.

The social media the DTC shared over the summer on the police accountability bill was distributed to us from our state body. It stated factual information about the bill. Legislators from both parties acknowledged that the police accountability bill was imperfect legislation. The House passed amendments to the police accountability bill unanimously and the Senate followed suit shortly thereafter with a resounding 30-3 vote. These amendments moved back the start date of some of the bill’s provisions and updated the language on use of force.

Nick has already been on the record of supporting both of these amendments. He has also stated on both amendments that, “I support and would have voted for it as a member of the legislature. As the bill stands now, I support it. But there is still room to refine this legislation to ensure that it has the effect intended without putting our police officers at additional risk, be that physical, mental or legal.”

As a public servant and elected official in Monroe for the past decade, Nick has always voted and worked in the best interest of the town. Unlike his opponent, he doesn’t need to ask legislative leaders in Hartford if/how to vote for the people of Monroe and Newtown. As he has always done, he will continue to evaluate legislation with members of both parties to assess what is the correct course of action for our town and district.”

It is time for us to be heard in Hartford by a qualified, experienced representative who will deliver our true values and is prepared to immediately make a difference for Monroe and Newtown’s visibility when allocation of funds and our needs are being discussed.

No learning curve is needed for Nick to get started in Hartford working for our district. Nick has proven himself as a “hard worker and he definitely has the best interest of the town and state,” quote from former representative J.P. Sredzinski.

Please support Nick Kapoor on Tuesday, April 13th, so Monroe and Newtown will finally be led by a resident who will devote the time and energy necessary to give Monroe the positive impact it needs and deserves.

The Monroe Democratic Town Committee

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