‘Kapoor has loudly advocated for higher property taxes in Monroe’

To the Editor:

State Representative candidate Nick Kapoor wants you to pay an “Income Equality” tax.

He hasn’t determined what that tax rate would be, who that tax would hit or where the money would go. He’s simply declared that because we don’t all have the same income, those of us who’ve made more money need to be taxed more.

Mr. Kapoor keeps promising that taxes should be “Low and Fair” and that “now is not the time to raise taxes in Connecticut”, so just how does adding yet another new tax line up with promises he’s making as a candidate?

The public record has numerous campaign promises from Mr. Kapoor that go out the window as soon as he’s seated. Over the last several budgets Kapoor has loudly advocated for higher property taxes in Monroe. Kapoor praised the latest teacher contract which carries an 8.9% increase as “reasonable” Kapoor was “very, very upset” after the school budget increase of 5.7% (as proposed by former Superintendent Zamary) was cut to 4.88% by the BOE and then further reduced to a 4.01% increase by Selectman Kellogg.

So how does his latest promise not to raise taxes in Connecticut align with this “Income Equality” tax?

Obviously, it doesn’t.

Is an “Income Equality” tax fair?

Mr. Kapoor obviously think, yes.

He’s got no answers on what the ‘income equality’ taxes will be or who will pay them. No answers on where the ‘income equality’ tax revenue will go or what it will fix. He’s admitted no understanding on what our current tax burden (5th highest in America per wallet hub 3/31/2021) already does to aid Connecticut residents with low incomes. He just thinks income ought to be taxed more.

There goes the promise of no new taxes.

Patrick O’Hara

Town Treasurer and 57-year Monroe resident


  1. Surprise, surprise, the Monroe Republican Party’s dirty campaign continues “from Town Hall”, now with attack LTE’s light on facts after their so-called printing error. In my opinion this is exactly this sort of negative campaigning and behavior that myself and others have seen for decades and am sick of, they have little positive from their records to stand on so they just resort to this stuff everytime. How disappointing.

  2. How embarrassing. Mud-slinging makes YOU look bad, not the person you’re slinging at. Not to mention, it’s FALSE. Why is this always the tactic? Nick works well across party lines but others can’t seem to. Even his opponent Tony Scott has made divisive comments. What a shame.

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