Kapoor defends his budget stances

To the Editor:

Because of the pandemic our schools have seen an unprecedented increase in enrollment which has caused Monroe to have 17 less teachers than the last time we had this many students. I advocated for a higher budget because it’s what we need to maintain the excellent quality of education our residents expect, and to prevent us from falling behind our neighboring towns. The Board of Education approved this year’s budget on an overwhelmingly bipartisan 7-2 vote and the teacher’s contract was approved last year by the Town Council.

As a member of the Town Council, my opponent also voted for a budget that carries a potential tax increase this year.

Our referendum is an important facet of our town government and I have consistently advocated that the people of Monroe should have the final say on the local budget and tax rate. I am upset when the people of the town do not get the opportunity to vote on a full and comprehensive budget. In Hartford, I will fight against new taxes including any type of “income equality” tax. I hope to obtain a seat on the Appropriations Committee to take a deep and direct look at the state budget.

It’s disappointing to see Monroe Republicans continue to use misleading scare tactics, misrepresentations of my positions, and divisive messaging for the purposes of winning this campaign while also being penny smart and pound foolish with Monroe’s future.

As your state representative, I will continue to work across the aisle in the best interests of our town as I have done locally for a decade. Not only will I be able to give Newtown and Monroe a seat at the table which we haven’t had in 40 years, but I will always listen to my district and be a voice for all of us.

If any member of the community would like to speak to me personally about my stance on any issue facing our state or town, please don’t hesitate to email (personal: [email protected] or campaign: [email protected]) or call/text (203-521-4734). Please also feel free to post on my Facebook page or private message me (@NickforCT).

Nick Kapoor

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  1. Great response, Nick! Rise above the nasty divisive messaging, and stick to the facts! Monroe needs a change.

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