‘It is heartbreaking that our nation still falls short when it comes to equality for all’

Sen. Kevin Kelly, R-21st, center, represents parts of Monroe, Seymour and Stratford and all of Shelton.

HARTFORD, CT — State Sen. Kevin Kelly, a Republican representing parts of Monroe, Seymour and Stratford and all of Shelton, released the following statement in response to the death of George Floyd and important conversations on race and equality happening around our country:

“The death of George Floyd and the horrendous actions captured on video are beyond disturbing and infuriating. The actions of the officers involve contradict everything police stand for. These officers clearly have no place in law enforcement and they do not reflect the majority of men and women who work hard every day to fulfill their oaths to serve and protect all people.

“It is heartbreaking that our nation still falls short when it comes to equality for all. It saddens me greatly that our nation is failing its people. America is not delivering its dream for all people, and we need to understand the root cause of these problems. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote in his letter from Birmingham Jail, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ I hope Mr. Floyd’s family sees justice, and I hope the conversations his death has sparked around our nation lead to change and progress. I am glad to see so many people across our nation and our state not only condemn those actions, but make a commitment to learn more, to listen more and to work even harder to understand one another. 

“In Connecticut, addressing police accountability has always been bipartisan and has involved all perspectives at the table. In recent years, we’ve passed important legislation on police body cameras (2015) and use of force and transparency (2019) and the dialogue continues.  While there is so much pain surrounding this situation, many Connecticut residents have united in peaceful ways to make powerful statements, and to advance an important dialogue on the need to acknowledge racism so that we can work to overcome it. We need to continue to look at not only police accountability but also significant issues involving race and equality such as health equity. I hope these conversations continue, with even more voices at the table and more people listening to one another with open hearts and minds.”

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