Intoxicated teen taken to Bridgeport Hospital

MONROE, CT — A 15-year-old juvenile male was taken to Bridgeport Hospital for treatment after he was found to be intoxicated at Masuk High School Friday morning, according to police.

Police said the youth apparently drank alcohol he snuck into school. His parents were notified and came to the school.

Monroe Volunteer Emergency Medical Service personnel treated the teen at the scene and took him to the hospital, police said.

Beware of skimming devices

Police are investigating a rash of complaints related to fraudulent ATM transactions victimizing M&T Bank customers in recent weeks. Detectives looked into the possibility of skimming devices in the area, but a check of Monroe ATM machines did not find anything suspicious.

However, Lt. Michael Sweeney said there has been an uptick of ATM deep insert skimming in Connecticut, in which thieves place a device over the card reader and use it to steal financial information.

On Saturday, a 45-year-old Monroe woman told police someone made an unauthorized $1,000 withdrawal from an ATM machine in New York using her debit card number on May 15. The transaction also included a $3 ATM use fee.

The victim said she has the card in her possession. She contacted M&T Bank’s fraud department and the bank cancelled her card and issued her a new one. A police report was requested for further investigation.

Police advised the victim to contact the three major credit bureaus, while waiting for reimbursement for the charge.

Driver nods off, hits utility pole

A 24-year-old New Haven man told police he fell asleep for a moment while driving his 2017 Kia Optima east on Route 34 Saturday morning, before his car went off the right side of the road on a curve, going downhill near Lake Zoar Drive-In, hit a utility pole and went into a spin, coming to a stop facing west about 81 feet from the pole.

The driver and his passenger, a 22-year-old New Haven man, both complained of minor injuries, were evaluated by Monroe Volunteer Emergency Medical Service personnel at the scene, but refused trips to a hospital, police said.

The driver was issued an infraction for failure to drive in the established lane and failure to have a driver’s license.

The damaged car was towed by Family Garage.

Firefighters also responded to the crash, which occurred around 7:26 a.m. Eversource was contacted to repair its utility pole.

Large rock used to damage car

A 25-year-old Greenwich woman told police she stayed at her boyfriend’s Cedar Lane home overnight and woke up Sunday to find someone had used a large rock to damage her vehicle, bashing in the driver’s side window, cracking the windshield and putting a large dent into the passenger side door.

Police said the large rock was found on the front passenger seat of the gray 1998 Acura TL, which was parked at the corner of Jackson Drive and Cedar Lane.

No cameras in the area captured anything and the victim told officers she did not know of anyone who would target her vehicle for vandalism, according to police.

Conflicting stories

A 57-year-old Williamsburg Drive man told police another man punched him in the head six times, grabbed him by the neck of his T-shirt and pulled down several times, making it rip Sunday evening.

Police already had the man in custody for a domestic incident in which he allegedly threatened a relative.

The 62-year-old Shelton Road man told police the victim was lying and that the other man actually ran him over with his car, according to police, who said the Shelton Road man did not have any visible injuries.

The man who complained about him had a minor cut on his nostril and his white T-shirt was ripped at the neck down to the middle in the front of it, police said. He reportedly was evaluated by Monroe EMS personnel, but refused a trip to a hospital.

The Shelton Road man was charged with third-degree assault, held on $1,000 bond and taken to court on Monday.

DUI on Shelton Road

A 59-year-old Stratford man was charged with DUI following a traffic stop on Shelton Road (Route 110) Sunday night.

At approximately 6:43 p.m., police received a complaint of an erratic a green Mercury Mountaineer traveling at a high rate of speed on Route 110, near Barn Hill Road, and failing to maintain its lane.

Officers stopped the vehicle on Route 110. An officer told the driver to put his SUV in park, but police said he failed to do so, causing his vehicle to roll backwards, nearly striking the police vehicle.

After it was shifted into park, police said the driver told officers he was leaving his girlfriend’s house in Milford and going to a friend’s house in Trumbull, but he refused to give the addresses of those two locations.

He reportedly told officers he had no gas in his vehicle, rendering it immobile. Police confirmed the tank was on empty.

The driver said he did not drink alcohol, but admitted taking prescribed medication, according to the report.

Officers asked him to walk to a safe area on the side of the road and as he exited the vehicle, police said he appeared unsteady on his feet, was off balance, swaying and mumbling inaudibly when he spoke.

A check with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles showed his registration plate was canceled due to his vehicle being junked or totaled. The man told officers he took the license plate off his old Honda and put it on his 1997 Mercury Mountaineer, the report said.

Field sobriety tests were not performed to standard, leading to his arrest on the charges of DUI and misuse of plates.

He asked that EMS take him to the hospital. Police said he was released to Bridgeport Hospital after posting a $500 non-surety bond.

Disaster loan scam

A 63-year-old Monroe man told police an identity thief took out a $9,500 COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster loan in his name.

He discovered this after a letter from the Small Business Administration on Feb. 23 informing him the first payment on the loan was due.

Police said he reported the incident to his bank and the bank that issued the loan, and contacted all three major credit bureaus. The Small Business Administration told him to file a police report, which he did on Saturday.

Police said no monetary loss was reported, adding the victim will continue to monitor his accounts.

Identity theft victim closes bogus accounts

A 54-year-old Monroe man, whose Social Security number was compromised in March, told police he received a FedEx envelope on his front porch on Saturday, containing a PNC Bank debit card with a $10,000 non-pin purchase limit, which he did not apply for.

He contacted the bank and canceled the card.

Prior to the card being delivered he received a letter from the bank, dated May 15, about new account opened on in his name. He also received a letter from Chime online banking stating he set up a direct deposit account.

The identity theft victim was advised to contact Chime and cancel the account. Police said he is not out of money at this time and has already contacted the three major credit bureaus to monitor his accounts.

He was also advised to contact the Social Security Administration.

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