If Monroe voters decided all the elections …

Voters cast their ballots at Monroe Elementary School Tuesday afternoon.

MONROE, CT — Newscasters ran scenarios on electoral maps for the Presidential Election late into the night Tuesday, but due to tight races in some key states the outcome is still in question.

Meanwhile, votes were still being tallied in Bridgeport for a close race in the 22nd Senatorial District between incumbent Democrat Marilyn Moore and Republican challenger Steven Choi.

But what if Monroe’s votes were all that was needed to decide those races?

According to Monroe’s unofficial results, President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence won by a narrow margin in our deep red Connecticut town.

The top of the Republican ticket took 49.8 percent of the Monroe vote, beating Democrat Joseph Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris 5,972 to 5,789.

Coming in third was Libertarian candidate Dr. Jo Jorgensen and her running mate, Spike Cohen, with 128 votes. Howie Hawkins, of the Green Party, and his running mate, Angela Walker, received 44 votes and Monroe’s ballots included 39 votes for write-in candidates.

Monroe sends Riddle to Congress

U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, a Democrat, easily defeated Republican challenger, Jonathan Riddle, to hold onto his 4th District seat Tuesday night. But if Monroe’s voters decided the race, Riddle would be the man representing the town in Washington.

Riddle beat Himes in Monroe 5,863 to 5,509. Independent Party candidate Brian Merlen received 271 votes and there was one write-in vote.

Monroe’s voters would also switch Connecticut’s 22nd Senatorial District from blue to red. If the town were to decide the race, incumbent Democrat Marilyn Moore would lose her seat to Steven Choi, the Republican challenger from Trumbull.

Choi garnered 2,059 votes to Moore’s 1,671. Independent Party candidate Stephen Dincher was a distant third with 107 votes.

The unchallenged

Incumbent State Rep. J.P. Sredzinski, R-112th received 9,031 votes. Though he ran unopposed, 36 voters strayed from the ballot in favor of a write-in candidate.

State Sen. Kevin Kelly, R-21st, also ran unopposed, garnering 5,649 votes against 57 write-ins.

Monroe’s two registrars of voters ran unopposed. Republican Registrar Margaret Villani received 6,277 votes and Democratic Registrar Katherine Briggs received 5,047. Four voters wrote in other candidates’ names.


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