Identity thief tries to cash checks for around $18,000

MONROE, CT — Newtown Savings Bank informed a local woman that someone had tried to cash approximately $18,000 worth of fraudulent checks from her account on Saturday.

Police said the Bug Hill Road resident reported her purse stolen from her vehicle when it was parked in her driveway on July 31. Then she discovered checks and paperwork were missing from her home on Aug. 11, according to the report.

When the financial paperwork was missing, the woman put stop payments on all her checks, police said.

Police are investigating the fraud complaint.


    • It was an older case, so I only went over the fraud aspect with police. But the vast majority of these nighttime thefts involve unlocked vehicles.

      • Okay, thanks for replying!

        People sometimes wrongly assume the cars are unlocked for some reason, and start blaming the victims… Not helpful at all. Great coverage on these incidents, Bill.

        • Thanks Elisabeth, it’s definitely unfortunate when people blame the victims. The main reason I usually mention a vehicle was left unlocked is to remind readers to remember to lock their vehicles and not to leave valuables inside, because police said thieves that do this at night tend to move on to another target when that happens.

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