Identity thief applies for two credit cards, runs up $2,000 balance

MONROE, CT — A 43-year-old Monroe man told police he received an alert from his credit card company about an outstanding $2,000 balance in June of 2022 after someone fraudulently took out two cards in his name, according to a police complaint filed Saturday.

One card was used to take $2,000 from the other card, then the funds were transferred out online, police said, adding the victim is unsure where the money went, but it appeared to be as cash or credit.

Since then, it has not happened again. But on Saturday, he spoke to a representative from American Express, who told him he needed to file a police report to have the balance removed from his account.

He has since frozen his credit at all three major credit bureaus and reported both cards as fraudulent, police said, adding no suspicious activity was found on his current accounts and he did not incur any financial loss.

The incident is being investigated by American Express.

Unemployment scam

A 45-year-old Monroe man reported an unemployment scam Friday, after someone fraudulently filed an application to the Connecticut Department of Labor in his name for benefits.

He told police he was not out of work and did not apply for benefits. Police said he did not suffer any financial loss.

He was advised to contact the Social Security Administration, banks, credit card companies and the major credit bureaus about the incident.

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