‘I am the only candidate who is authentic and will truly go to Hartford and stand up to the Democrats’

Tony Scott

Editor’s Note: The following is an OpEd written by 112th District candidate, Tony Scott, a Republican from Monroe. His opponent, Nick Kapoor, of Monroe, a Democrat, wrote an OpEd earlier in the campaign and The Sun extended the opportunity for Scott and William “Bill” Furrier, an Independent from Newtown, to do the same.

In talking with the residents of the 112th District the past two months, one thing has become abundantly clear: CT needs to become more affordable. It is the topic that inevitably comes up in the vast majority of conversations and truly worries residents.

Residents are worried about the never-ending barrage of tax proposals and unfunded mandates coming from Democrats in Hartford. There is the one-mill proposed State-wide Property Tax, increased gas taxes because of the Transportation Initiative Bill and Tolls to just name a few of the bills that have been proposed and pushed over the past two sessions by Democrats.  This has to STOP!

I am the only candidate who is authentic and will truly go to Hartford and stand up to the Democrats. I will be your voice to vote against the increase in taxes and unfunded mandates.

This is needed so that families can afford to live and stay in Connecticut. Personally, I worry that my 12-year-old twin daughters will not be able to afford to live in Connecticut after college and add to the “brain drain” that is currently happening.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions as I would love to hear from you.  You can reach me via email ([email protected]), my website at TonyScottForStateRep.com or on my cell at 630.640.0193.

Hope to see you at the polls on April 13th!

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  1. I agree with everything you wrote, I hope to see these topics featured prominently in the next election cycle. CT can’t keep charging its residents to go to work, and pay people to stay home. The attitude in Hartford needs to change, and focus on creating an affordable place for people to live, and businesses to thrive!

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