How’s the Monroe Police Department performing? Take the survey to let them know

The 2024 Monroe Police Department Community Survey takes three to five minutes to complete.

MONROE, CT — A corporation creates a strategic plan to ensure its business is on the right track for success and police departments are no different, even in small towns. The Monroe Police Department is currently working on its five-year strategic plan for 2025-2030 and citizens participating in an anonymous online survey can help.

“We use what’s in the survey, along with other pieces of information, to rank our goals and objectives,” Lt. Stephen Corrone explained. “We’re trying to get as much participation from the community as possible.”

Cards with QR codes for the surveys, which are being done using SurveyMonkey, are available in the lobbies of the Monroe Police Department and Monroe Town Hall, in areas of Edith Wheeler Memorial Library and at the Monroe Senior Center. Surveys can also be accessed on the Monroe Police Department’s website, Facebook, Instagram and X (Twitter) pages.

You can also access the survey directly by clicking here.

SurveyMonkey says it takes an average of five minutes to take the survey and Corrone said he knows people who have completed it in an average of three to four minutes.

The 2024 Monroe Police Department Community Survey will be available from now through April 30, 2024.

Public responses in the survey let the Monroe Police Department know what residents think they’re doing well and what they believe police could do better.

Those taking the survey click on their sex, age range and race before answering the questions.

Then survey takers will click on what their last contact with the Monroe Police Department was, whether it was calling to report a crime, being involved in a motor vehicle accident, being arrested, or being called by police after someone made a complaint about them.

“Other” is another choice, which the survey taker can explain.

These cards with QR codes for the survey are on display in the Monroe Police Department’s lobby.

Next they indicate their satisfaction: very satisfied, satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, dissatisfied, very dissatisfied.

Questions cover the way Monroe’s officers carry out procedural justice, the performance of its officers and of the department as a whole. There is also a section on department priorities.

“Our officers are good with people,” Corrone said.

However, if the survey and other information and analysis gathered for the strategic plan shows issues with procedural justice, Corrone said that could direct the future training needs of Monroe’s officers.

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