High kindergarten enrollment spurs educators’ efforts lower class sizes

MONROE, CT — Rising enrollment in kindergarten is leading to higher class sizes for some schools. In response, Monroe Public Schools is looking for ways to balance class sizes throughout the district, so children can receive  more individualized attention from their teacher.

Among the potential options, the district is trying to determine which neighborhoods and streets in town could possibly be served by more than one elementary school.

“No one will change schools,” Superintendent of Schools Joseph Kobza told The Sun Thursday. “This is only for kids coming to kindergarten, who don’t have an older sibling at the school — all we’re doing at this point is gathering data.”

Administrators will reach out to the families who have a child entering kindergarten in the fall of 2022, 2023 and/or 2024, but currently have no older siblings enrolled in an elementary school. The families will receive a letter directing them to complete a form to help the district gather information and balance class sizes, according to a press release issued Thursday.

The following streets are in areas that could possibly be served by more than one of Monroe’s three elementary schools:

Doris Drive, Millo Drive, Jay Lane, Blueberry Hill Road, Cutlers Farm Road, Sheep Meadow Drive, East Dale Drive, Hickory Lane, Spring Hill Road, Sherman Circle, Blueberry Lane, Shawnee Lane, Quarry Ridge Road, Bradley Drive, Hillside Lane, North Hillside Lane and Highfield Drive.

Decisions regarding school placements have not been determined. These decisions will not be made until all data is collected, according to the press release.

For information, call the superintendent’s office at 203- 452-2860, extension 2602.

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