Hearing for 99 single-family homes at Quarry Ridge to be held Tuesday

This is the applicant's rendering of Quarry Ridge.

MONROE, CT — Planning and Zoning commissioners will hold a special meeting this Tuesday on a proposal for Quarry Ridge, a plan to build 99 single-family homes, which would be owned condos, at 201 Turkey Roost Road.

The proposal already received an approval from the Inland Wetlands Commission in October of 2023.

The Planning and Zoning Commission hearing on the special exception permit application will begin at 7 p.m. in the council chambers of Monroe Town Hall Tuesday. Quarry Ridge Associates LLC, the owner of the property, will be represented by J. Edwards & Associates, an Easton firm.

The site started out as a small sand and gravel operation in the 1940s, before becoming an illegal quarry operation from the 1960s into the 1980s.

The current owner bought the property in 2003 with a plan to remediate the damaged terrain and develop it. The applicant says remediation was complete, but the economic crash of 2008 had delayed construction.

The property is a total of 154 acres and consists of five individual parcels: 139, 141 and two parcels at 201 Turkey Roost Road, as well as a parcel at 30 Cobblers Hill Court.

This is the applicant’s rendering of Quarry Ridge.

The Cobblers Hill Court parcel would be reduced to a four acres and a deed restriction would be created, limiting future development to one single family residence.

The remaining land would be combined into a single parcel — any land outside of the development footprint would remain as open space.

According to the application, 201 Turkey Roost Road is currently zoned as multi-family residential. The remaining parcels are zoned RF (residential and farming)-2.

Because blasting was done in the past, the applicant says the new plan will require “minimal blasting”.

The 99 single family homes would be serviced by public water and a community wastewater treatment system. Included in this system is an onsite wastewater treatment plant.

The treatment system design is within the jurisdiction of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and all permitting is strictly regulated by that agency, the application says.

The water service would be provided by Aquarion. A new water main would be run from Fan Hill Road to the site.

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