Hall has the knowledge, dedication needed to serve on Planning and Zoning

Dear Editor and Voters,

I am pleased to submit this letter in support of BJ Hall as the Democratic candidate to the Monroe Planning and Zoning Commission. As a current member of the Inland Wetlands Commission, BJ has first hand knowledge of the zoning regulations in Monroe and experience applying these regulations to manage the responsible development of properties within our town boundaries.

The Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z)  provides an important service to everyone in the town, whether they are homeowners, developers or families with children. The P&Z Commission has oversight of the town’s State mandated plan of conservation and development (POCD) which guides the town in areas of economic development, transportation and infrastructure, housing and environmental resources.

BJ has also called for more mandatory zoning enforcement for all zoning violations and to make remediation a core policy by providing adequate staff to perform inspections.

We need to give BJ Hall a seat on the Commission to make sure that we benefit from his knowledge and dedication to see responsible, climate-forward development without losing the rural heritage of our town.

I hope that when you go to the polls on November 2nd, you’ll remember his name, BJ Hall and vote to bring balance to Monroe.

Elizabeth Reed

Monroe, CT

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