Girls tennis team has new coach and plenty of team spirit

Masuk tennis player, Meg Velky, prepares to serve during a match earlier this spring.

MONROE, CT — Monika Gagnon takes over head coaching duties with the Masuk High girls tennis program this spring.

Captains of the Masuk girls tennis team are Katie Conley, Sophia Norton and Melanie Antony.

“The goal for this Spring, since this is my first year coaching, is to maintain their fantastic team spirit and support of each other, which is so evident, and pass it onto the new members — as well as focusing on deepening their strength, agility and appreciation of the sport,” Gagnon said.

Captains are Melanie Antony, Katie Conley and Sophia Norton.

The rest of the lineup comprises Duha Barkana, Olivia Beloblosky, Samantha Daveron, Ava DeDonato, Adriana DeSanti, Lelia Giampe, Elana Kanjo, Sara Leisawitz, Chrisa Luke, Chloe Norton, Madison Poisson, Prisha Saxena, Elizabeth Teixeira, Meghan Velky and Kayla Vijay.

Masuk opened the season with a 5-2 loss at Newtown on April 5. Home matches are at Wolfe Park and the first for this squad is Monday, April 11, when New Fairfield visits, also at 3:45.

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