Geek Squad scammer commits $1,900 fraud

MONROE, CT — A local woman told police someone posing as an associate of the Geek Squad used her credit card information to buy $1,900 worth of Best Buy gift cards, according to a complaint made Wednesday.

Police said the woman was having trouble connecting her laptop to the internet, so she Googled the Geek Squad on her cellphone. But the number she called was not the company’s.

A man who answered told her he could help with her connectivity issues, and she gave him access to her computer, police said. As he “worked” a red Trojan horse appeared and the screen turned black, the report said.

Police said the man called the victim back saying he could no longer fix her laptop remotely because of the virus. He said she needed to buy SonicWall software, paying upfront before receiving a partial refund, according to the report.

Police said the victim gave him her credit card information through email and later discovered the gift cards were bought using her credit card number.

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