Fraud complaint may be connected to theft from U.S. Postal Service

A Georges Lane woman filed a fraud complaint Thursday after someone altered and cashed a check. Police say it may be related to the theft of mail from a large drive-thru mailbox at the U.S. Postal Service reported Tuesday.

Sometime between Monday and Tuesday, the large blue drive-thru mailbox on the side of the building at 270 Monroe Turnpike was damaged, opened and all of the mail was stolen.

“It’s an ongoing problem in the region,” Lt. Stephen C0rrone said Friday. “They’re entering mailboxes through particular methods.”

Corrone said he knows of a similar theft in Newtown.

Police are working together with the United States Postal Inspection Service in investigating the theft.

In a Facebook post, the Monroe Police Department asked residents who dropped mail in the drive-thru mailbox at the 270 Monroe Turnpike facility after 4 p.m. on Monday and before 9 a.m. on Tuesday to monitor their accounts for fraudulent activity and to report any instance of fraud to them.

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