First snow fall provides fun, and some hard work for all

Sisters Olivia and Ella Gregor have fun in the snow Sunday.
MONROE, CT — The first snowfall of the season began late in the day on Saturday and carried over into Sunday afternoon. Forecasts for upwards of eight inches may not have come to fruition, but by the early morning hours there was a blanket of fresh white snow across the ground, roofs and tree tops.

A mix of snow and rain made for a few inches of some heavy-to-shovel stuff on the ground. But it was good for snowman making. Big, wet flakes continued to fall, providing a snow globe effect throughout much of Sunday.

“We’ve been looking forward to the snow for some time now. Sledding, snowball fights, hot chocolate, and playing outside with friends is what winter is all about,” said Dan Paige who, along with his wife Cait, took their children Bailey and Finley sledding with friends.

“It’s great. The first snow is always very fun for the kids,” said Lisa Moretti, whose children Macallen and Piper played in the snow with dad Jared Moretti. Macallen pulled Piper around the yard in their sled.

Ken Tortora fired up his snowblower, while his chocolate lab Savannah ran in the snow and watched the traffic go by.

Ken Tortora uses a snowblower to clear off his driveway Sunday.

“Now that I don’t work for the highway department I can enjoy it,” said Tortora, who spent 29 years working for the town, sometimes pulling 48-hour shifts clearing snow. “The poor guys working for the highway department have been working all night.”

Tortora held up a can of Snow-Jet snowblower spray and said it is the key to keeping his blower from getting clogged due to the heavy, wet snow.

With temperatures expected to be above freezing during the day Monday and day and night Tuesday, accompanied by rain, this winter wonderland stands to be washed away. But the memories of sledding and playing in the snow will last until the next storm and for winters to come.

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