Firefighters contain structure fire, saving a home on Greenwood Lane

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Firefighters from Monroe, Stevenson and Stepney responded to a call on Greenwood Lane.

MONROE, CT — Firefighters responding to a structure fire on Greenwood Lane early Tuesday morning, managed to contain it to the basement level of the single family home.

Fire Marshal W.B. Davin said firefighters from the Monroe, Stevenson and Stepney companies, who arrived at the residence at 6:31 a.m., found a fire in the electrical panel in the basement.

“Damage was confined to the electrical panel and a minor smoke condition in the lower level of the structure,” Davin said.

He estimates there was $7,500 worth of damage to the structure, but said the house is still habitable for the property owners.

A total of 16 firefighters operated under Davin’s command during the incident, checking for extension and securing property until the arrival of Eversource.

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