Fire marshal investigates loud explosion, fire on Forest Road

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MONROE, CT — A large gathering of neighboring residents formed on Forest Road Sunday night after hearing a loud explosion, then seeing smoke and fire coming from a residence on the street.

Police said several 911 calls were made around 8:49 p.m. and Fire Marshal William “Bill” Davin was already on scene when officers arrived.

Officers believe an accelerant was added to a burn pit, causing the fire to burn out of control in the yard, according to the report. Police said Monroe firefighters quickly extinguished the fire, preventing property damage.

The homeowner, a 27-year-old Monroe man had a campfire permit, but was issued a warning for a burn permit violation from the fire marshal, and he will not be allowed to obtain burn permits in the near future, police said.

On Monday, Davin told The Sun he is conducting an open investigation into what accelerant was used to cause the explosion and make the fire burn out of control.

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