Fentanyl laced marijuana renders young Monroe man unresponsive

MONROE, Conn. – A 24-year-old Monroe man survived a medical scare after smoking marijuana with a female friend at the entrance to Webb Mountain Park Friday morning. Police later found it was laced with fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid that has caused many overdose deaths in the state.

Officers responded to the report of an unresponsive man in a tan Volvo outside the park on Old Fish House Road around 11:26 a.m., but when they arrived, he was breathing and responsive, according to police.

Monroe Volunteer Emergency Medical Service personnel evaluated him at the scene and the man was taken to a hospital for further treatment.

Police said it was unclear why he suffered the side effects, until the marijuana tested positive for fentanyl.

According to a Hartford Courant article on Feb. 14, “1,200 people died of some sort of drug overdose in Connecticut in 2019, a nearly 20% increase from the prior year, mostly attributed to the continued rise in” deaths from fentanyl mixed with other drugs, “including a muscle relaxant for horses.”

ID theft nightmare

A Monroe man filed a fraud complaint at the Monroe Police Department on Saturday, in a case of identity theft that spread from his credit card to his bank account and his home mortgage.

Police said the man discovered $10,000 worth of fraudulent charges on his credit card on Jan. 10 and his credit card company corrected the charges, so he did not file a police report at the time.

Then on Feb. 8, $3,000 was withdrawn from his bank account. The bank reimbursed him and changed his account number.

But that was not the end of it. The victim’s mortgage company notified him that someone filed a change of address request for his account.

Police are investigating the incidents.

Illegal dumping

Stevenson firefighters reported illegal dumping outside Firehouse 1 at 1580 Monroe Turnpike Sunday.

Police said the lock was cut to the Dumpster and unauthorized trash was placed inside.


  1. If the dealer KNEW that the marijuana was laced with Fentanyl, then he should be tried for attempted MURDER ! Better yet, MAKE HIM SMOKE IT HIMSELF !

  2. Legalizing any drug will just make it easier for anyone to get and if it is Fentanyl, kids no nothing of it. It is the most dangerous and damaging drug to those who use it. I hate Fentanyl!

      • Listen there’s so much going on in this world now it’s just scared and believe it’s going to get worse but the thing is those whom are using drugs are hurting themselves and if they get there hands on bad drugs it’s on them because drugs do what there suppose to do harm ,kill,and takes away from the individual brain cells it may seem like it’s good but in reality it’s dangerous to themself and others it’s not going to stop until they stop doing it so with that said it’s all in there hands of they stop the problems will be over and if they don’t the problem remains drugs are eventually going to harm in someway because there putting all types of added stuff in it today why because people wants just the money and money is the root of evil so that Leeds to cruelty to man ,not ,girl,and bored which is an animal so with all that we can’t change them they want to be changed and in order for that to happen man must get saved and trust me I know everyone whom gets saved still have troubled but staying saved is the key to a healthy life keeping your mind stayed on good thoughts ,dreams,and things that will help you and then you can help others so all that to say it works if you work it in your life.I didn’t say it would be easy but it does get easier when you put your all into wanting to save your own life cause no-one can live your life for you but you and then trust me you only live once .so this is just a thought so you wanna live or not and make it worth it while your alive .I know a lot of people that’s dead today Thank the Lord I am Still alive .Jesus Saves.

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