Every election, just like every vote, counts

To the Editor:

Too often, people skip their local elections, believing they are less important than national and state contests. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Unlike state and national elections, local elections have much more impact on the quality of your daily life. Here’s why everyone should make the effort to vote on Tuesday, November 2nd in your city or town’s local election.

  1. It’s all about YOU. No, really it is. The people you’re voting for in a local election: Mayors, Selectmen, Councilmen, Boards of Finance, Education, Planning and Zoning — are the ones who will determine the quality of your neighborhood, schools, roads, where buildings will be built, how your water and land will be used or protected—and most importantly, how your taxes will be spent.
  2. It’s about access and accountability. The local candidates vying for these positions live in your area and are more interested in YOUR concerns than state and national politicians who by necessity, must focus on bigger picture issues.
  3. It’s about progress.  Local policy can lead to change at the state and national level. Big issues like gun laws, the minimum wage and civil rights all started as local concerns.
  4. It’s about the future. Many state and national candidates begin their careers on local boards, so who knows, the Councilman that you help elect today could be tomorrow’s Senator, or even President!

Your vote is your voice, don’t waste it by missing an election, make it a habit to vote every year — in every election.

If you need more information about the candidates check your local papers or town websites, your local League of Women Voters chapter also has Voter Guides, please visit Vote411.org or www.lwvct.org. For more information (candidate information will be available on Vote411 in late September due to primaries in several towns).

Laura Smits


President of the League of Women Voters of Connecticut

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