Embarking on its 10th year, Intrinsic Health Source braves the ‘new normal’

Jeannine Capria in her office at 238 Monroe Turnpike in Monroe.

MONROE, CT — Intrinsic Health Source, 238 Monroe Turnpike, has touchless hand sanitizers and soap dispensers and the entire office is sanitized between appointments in an effort to ensure the health and safety of its clients amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jeannine Capria, a licensed massage therapist, licensed esthetician and registered nurse with a Master’s degree in nursing in integrative healthcare, follows strict guidelines issued by the CDC and the state related to COVID-19.

This attention to detail and care for clients allowed Capria’s business to reach a milestone this year, as Intrinsic Health Source, which offers holistic therapies and wellness services, celebrates its 10-year-anniversary.

“As a massage therapist and esthetician, I have always been vigilant about the health and safety of my clients,” she said. “It has always been my top priority. But as a nurse with a public health background, my knowledge and training has always guided me to maintain strict infectious control standards for cleaning and disinfecting. As I reopened my practice this July due to the pandemic, my commitment to their safety and health was enhanced.”

Clients are prescreened prior to appointments and if they arrive with symptoms, have been exposed to the virus or have traveled to one of the states on the current quarantine list, their appointment will be rescheduled.

“I kindly ask clients who have recently traveled or have been in contact with someone who has traveled within two weeks, to postpone scheduling an appointment,” Capria said.

Intrinsic Health Source has a curbside check-in for clients, who wait by their vehicle for a text before coming in, to limit the number of people in the waiting area. Then she greets clients at the door to check their temperature with a no touch thermometer and assesses if there are any symptoms of the illness since the appointment was confirmed.

Masks are also required to be worn by clients and herself at all times.

“My treatment table and equipment are sanitized with a hospital grade disinfectant between each client,” Capria said. “Before handling clean linens and before and after each session, I thoroughly wash my hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds,” Capria said.

Finding her niche

Capria, who also has certifications in reflexology, myofascial treatments, lymphatic therapy and reiki opened her own practice on Monroe Turnpike a decade ago.

“My first five years were lean as I tried to find my niche — my footing here as a practitioner,” she said. “Now, that more people have embraced the integrative approach to the services I provide and experienced positive outcomes, the practice has grown significantly. My clients’ referrals have become the cornerstone of my success.”

Throughout the coronavirus outbreak, Capria kept in touch with her clients with texts, calls and newsletters, keeping communication open, even when her business was forced to close during the quarantine.

“My passion is their wellness,” she said, adding she tells them, “we can accomplish anything with small steps and deep breaths.”

A foundation built on trust

It is the trusting relationships between Capria and her clients that has allowed Intrinsic Health Source to flourish. Capria, a Masuk High School alumna, said she is most proud of the referrals and positive outcomes for her patients, who meet their health and wellness goals. 

Bill Pokorny suffered with chronic back pain for over four years and doctors told him his only option was surgery. After going to several doctors and getting over 12 epidural shots that only gave him a few days of relief, he learned of someone who found pain relief from treatments at Intrinsic Health Source.

“I was willing to give anything a try,” Pokorny said. “Jeannine has changed my life with her massage therapy, nursing skills and knowledge. Within a week after treatments I felt 75-percent better.”

Capria also provided health coaching during the course of Pokorny’s treatment.

“Through her knowledge of the body and how it works, I now live a much better life,” he said. “I have given her name to three or four of my friends, who are also so grateful  for her and her  knowledge. I owe all of my better life to her!”

The wholistic approach Capria uses to treat her clients at Intrinsic Health Source is something she benefited from personally, while overcoming the debilitating symptoms of Guillain-Barré syndrome.

“That, to me, was life altering,” she said. “I thought GBS was my worst nightmare, but the greatest gift was how the trajectory of my life changed. I became passionate about seeing one’s health issues as a whole body approach to care.”

An Integrative approach

New clients receive a $45 discount for a 90 minute appointment which includes a full health evaluation, as well as a new client packet of health information and another coupon or a follow up visit.

Capria and her clients work together to define and redefine their wellness goals and implement appropriate health plans. Intrinsic Health Source’s personalized plans aim to decrease pain, increase energy and help patients get to the root of their problem to achieve their wellness goals.

“In addition to receiving therapeutic hands on treatments, an integral part of our sessions together can also include health education, wellness coaching and healthcare navigation,” Capria tells new clients. “As a nurse I will help guide you through various health conditions and integrative treatments. As a massage therapist, I will provide skillful manipulation of soft tissue such as muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue to aid in increasing mobility, flexibility and vitality of the physical body. As your integrative practitioner, I will fuse together my clinical training with my energy therapy skills to provide care to the physical and energetic body.”

Capria said all services and treatments are meant to complement conventional medicine and should never take the place of appropriate medical care.

If a client comes in for one treatment, but during the pre-session assessment finds a different service would be more beneficial, there is no change in cost. Because each appointment is unique and dynamic, clients rates are based on the time reserved, so Capria can offer different services during the appointment to meet the clients need at no extra charge.

Capria said her desire to help clients reach their optimum wellness state sometimes requires treatments beyond her scope of practice. If a beneficial treatment does not fall within her area of expertise, she encourages clients to seek out other practitioners, and often makes a referral from an extensive list of health care providers.

Cheryl Ball, a licensed marriage and family therapist with Personal Development LLC, knows Capria both personally and professionally.

“Jeannine offers a unique approach in client treatment,” Ball said. “Through a personal connection, she is able to create a treatment plan that works best for each individual both medically and energetically.”

“We are able to work together in helping clients to heal through the mind/body connection,” she continued. “Self-care is important for each individual and especially as a clinician. Taking care of oneself enables better care for others. I highly recommend the services Jeannine provides.”

For information or to schedule an appointment, visit Intrinsic Health Source’s website. The practice also has a Facebook page.

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