2 thoughts on “Educators’ sacrifice stopped flow of money out of underfunded schools

  1. As a community, we should collectively “tip our hats” to those who teach in the Monroe school system and the school systems throughout the USA. K-12 teachers, nurses and so many others in the “frontline” are are noir tested well – taken for granted, compensated below average and the first to be taken to task for all trivial misunderstandings.
    To anyone, ready to say that teachers, nurses, frontline responders are overpaid, lazy etc – think before you lash out – walk in their shoes – do it for a day, a week, a month, repeat and then respond …
    We owe so many our heartfelt gratitude – the post office, the cashiers, the shelf stackers, the UPS, FedEx, USPOS delivery guys etc, those who pump gas, the nurses, so, so many others who were once invisible and, in so many ways remain so – but are cucial to our every day life.

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