Dunkin’ Donuts project waits for green light

These are drawings of the Dunkin' Donuts approved to be built in front of Village Square.

MONROE, CT — Planning and zoning commissioners unanimously approved a Dunkin’ Donuts with a drive-thru at 395 Monroe Turnpike, in front of Village Square, in March, and many residents eagerly awaited construction of the new facility, which will replace the location at the corner of Route 111 and Elm Street. However, seven months later, there is still no activity on the site.

On Wednesday, William Holsworth, the town’s director of Economic & Community Development, said the developer, Seventh Realty LLC, is waiting for an approval from the Office of the State Traffic Administration.

Holsworth said the state agency recently approved proposed changes to the drainage, ensuring it is in line with climate change requirements.

“Now they’re reviewing the timing of the traffic light at Village Square due to the increase of traffic volume to determine whether it should be changed,” Holsworth said.

Once OSTA completes its review and makes its decision, Holsworth said the developer will apply for a building permit from Monroe Town Hall and start construction.

A modern D&D

The new Dunkin’ Donuts will share the same driveway as Village Square Shopping Center. The single-story building will have a drive-thru and share parking spaces with Village Square under an existing common parking agreement.

The 1.15 acre-property is owned by Gregory L. and Roy E. Steiner. The building lot was created as part of the plaza in 1987. It is in a Commercial B-1 District.

Unlike the existing restaurant at 447 Monroe Turnpike, the new one will have a drive-thru. Michael Cavallo, of Dunkin’ Donuts Development, said the drive-thru will have an extra lane, so customers placing mobile orders can be served more quickly.

The anticipated hours of operation for the restaurant are from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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