DUI arrest: Man found asleep at the wheel, a beer between his legs

MONROE, CT — A 25-year-old Bridgeport man allegedly went off the road while traveling on Route 110 in his Honda Civic Sunday morning, drove on the grass, and down the adjacent driveway of a home near Old Tannery Road, where he parked on the back lawn and fell asleep with the engine running and a beer between his legs, according to police.

Field sobriety tests determined he was under the influence. He was charged with DUI, driving without insurance, driving without a license and improper use of a license plate. He was released on $500 bond for an Aug. 9 court date.

Police were called to the scene around 9:43 a.m.

Thefts at Webb Mountain Park

Visitors of Webb Mountain Park, on Old Fish House Road, were hiking late Sunday afternoon when their vehicles were broken into and personal items were stolen, according to police.

Windows were smashed to enter a Nissan Rogue and a Honda CRV.

Police said both the front driver and passenger windows of the Honda were smashed and a purse and a backpack were taken. The purse contained some cash and loose change and the backpack had personal belongings, according to police.

The front passenger side window of the Nissan was smashed and a purse was stolen.

Detectives are investigating the thefts.

Deliveries of dead fish

A Swendsen Drive man told police he found a dead fish and colored powder inside his mailbox four times in the last five months.

The last time was on July 27, when he found a dead fish and a purplish-pinkish powder, according to police. He reported that incident on the 29th.

Police said they did not receive similar complaints from other residents in the neighborhood.

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