Director: Down a sanitarian, Monroe Health Department won’t miss a beat

Health Director Nancy Carol Brault works in the land use area of Monroe Town Hall.

Sanitarian Richard Jackson recently resigned from the Monroe Health Department to take a new job in another district, leading to a shake up among Monroe’s staff.

“He’s moving on to bigger and brighter things,” said Health Director Nancy Carol Brault. “I wish him well. We’re still getting the work done. We will have a part-timer next week to handle some of the inspections. There will not be a gap where things run to a halt.”

First Selectman Ken Kellogg said he believes Jackson accepted a job with the Naugatuck Valley Health District.

Brault said she will do more of the environmental inspections than she normally does and Tyrone Joseph, who has been a part-time staff member inspecting salons for over a year, will pick up some food service inspections.

“We have to form a bridge until we get someone on staff full time,” Brault said.

She estimates that will take three to four weeks.

Jackson’s contributions

Health department functions are broken up into three sections: community health services, environmental health services and emergency preparedness.

Community health services include functions like increasing public access to vaccines, community education outreach on topics such as opioids and preventing the spread of illness.

Environmental health services include things like enforcing the Connecticut Public Health Code, regulating and inspecting food service establishments, public pools, salons, septic system installations, private wells and building additions.

Emergency preparedness includes planning for disasters and receiving training for things like handling blood borne pathogens, Medical Reserve Corps recruitment, and mass care/recovery with a focus on vulnerable population needs.

In his four-and-a-half years as a Monroe sanitarian, Brault said Jackson set up the town’s environmental health section with all the files and lists of inspections that need to be done.

“He’s very knowledgeable in sub-surface disposal and he has a lot to give,” Brault said of Jackson’s abilities.

Once Jackson is replaced, Brault said it will still take time to get the new staff member up and running. Despite the education, experience and knowledge a new sanitarian may bring, she said there is always a learning curve to get to know Monroe’s policies and procedures.

“When you lose staff you worked with for a number of years, you’re starting from scratch again,” Brault said.

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