Dinner roll bandit strikes again! Exclusive Sun report!

A photo of El Baggo, at right, catches her in the act of stealing dinner rolls from Asaro's Pizzeria in Venice Friday.

Doughy dinner rolls, still warm from the oven, are a culinary delight at Florida’s finest restaurants. Served in a basket, it’s a complimentary, buttery treat before one’s meal. But at least one rude patron has been taking advantage of this long held tradition.

Police identified a suspect wanted in a string of dinner roll thefts, following complaints from local restaurants. Known by several aliases, including Bagwatch and El Baggo, police say she carries small plastic bags in her purse.

When no one is looking, she brazenly snatches rolls from the basket and stuffs the rolls inside the bags, before the food quickly disappears inside her purse —- never to be seen again.

“If you see El Baggo, for your own safety, please do not approach her,” Police Chief Michael Timpkins warns. “She may have a grandmotherly appearance, but that’s just a clever cover. Make not mistake, she’s dangerous. If you see her, immediately dial 911.”

During an undercover investigation at Asaro’s Pizzeria Ristorante in Venice Friday evening, a Sun photographer caught El Baggo in the act. A series of photos captured her out with family. Images clearly show her stealing from the bread basket.

The owner of Asaro’s confirmed the financial loss.

“Sometimes we reheat leftover dinner rolls and reuse them for other unsuspecting customers … uh … I mean we give our leftover rolls to starving children!” Luigi Asaro explained. “These thefts must stop!”

Tompkins said detectives are reviewing surveillance footage from the restaurant and tracking down customers who dined there Friday for any leads in this ongoing case.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Venice Police Department at 1-941-486-2444.

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